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Building Innovative Multi-Generational Teams

In today's dynamic business environment, organizations must be able to turn on a dime. With demanding customers, impossible deadlines, and intense competition, employees make decisions quickly and work collaboratively to get results. Organizations that can’t respond to this pressure risk being left in the dust. [More]

Should You Change Your Leadership Style When Managing Millennials?

There are many stereotypes that either compliment or plague Millennials. I recently interviewed and videotaped leaders who managed these young workers. Their replies prompted me to dig a little deeper, as there were lingering questions. [More]

Motivating Your Millennial Employees

When Amanda Ross learned that her boss had hired two recent high school grads to fill vacancies in her pizzeria she started to worry. Now 37 years old, Amanda was hired to manage the pizza restaurant five years ago. The prospect of supervising these “almost-20-something” new employees has always filled her with dread. [More]

Are Your Millennial Employees Ready to Lead?

It was only a matter of time! The Millennial generation has been pouring into the workforce since the late 1990s and increasingly they’re being promoted to supervisory and management positions. [More]

Millennials - Generation "Screwed" or Generation "Shrewd"?

Timing, they say, is everything in life. If that's true, then the timing of the Millennial Generation couldn't be worse. [More]

Power to the People: Deloitte’s Nick van Dam

By providing a career map and a variety of learning opportunities, Deloitte encourages employees to be proactive about their own development. [More]

Owning the Outsourcing Model

During any economic downturn, hiring goes down and consulting goes up. The advantages of hiring consultants during tough times includes having more flexibility to hire just the right person for the job, without needing to worry about providing benefits such as health insurance. [More]

It Only Takes a Moment to Win (or Lose) Customers

The customer at the other end of the bank manager’s phone line was irate. Very irate. “I just can’t believe the way your employee spoke with me over the phone” she said in an agitated voice. The manager of the bank branch, Janis Keller, knew she had to stay calm if she was going to resolve the problem. Taking a deep breath, Keller replied evenly, “I’m really sorry we upset you, Mrs. Verdi. Please tell me what happened so I can help fix the problem.” As the angry customer’s story unfolded Keller became more and more frustrated. [More]

Three Ways Leaders Can Help Millennials Succeed

In the next few years another 40 million millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, will flood the workplace and shake things up. Their other brethren from the first wave of this generation, the 40 or so million millennials who were born between 1980 and 1990, are already on the job and raising eyebrows as they encounter older generations. It’s not surprising that younger workers would be a source of new conflict. These millennials grew up in a radically different world from their baby boomer parents and thus bring a different set of values and expectations to the world of work. [More]

Release Stress and Build Resilience

Learning leaders can help to create a vibrant, adaptable and dynamic organization in which employees don’t merely cope with stress, they embrace it and grow from the pressure. [More]

How to Lose Your Best Furniture Customers in Three Easy Steps

As the customer service team filed silently into his office for an emergency meeting John Tedesco was fuming. As the Vice President of Operations for a large west coast furniture store, he was proud of his firm's reputation for outstanding customer service. Now he was afraid that reputation was about to evaporate. [More]

Judyth Piazza Chats with Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed, Author of Keeping The Millennials

For over 24 years, Jan, a seasoned consultant and President of KEYGroup, has worked with leaders to create cool workplaces that attract, retain, and get the most from their talent. Her expertise, insight, wisdom, humor, and practical solutions have made Jan a highly sought-after speaker for keynote addresses, seminars, conferences, and workshops. She has brought fresh concepts and effective techniques to executives and audiences around the globe. [More]

The Keys to Engaging Your Employees to High-Performing Employees

The recession proved to be a worrisome challenge to Debra Kraft, a regional marketing director for a large media company. Her organization sells advertising and publishes coupon mailers across a five-state territory. When the economy began to shrink the organization's advertising sales volume shrank along with it and she was forced to lay off staff. But Kraft was proud of the way her remaining workers persevered and kept the mailer afloat through those tough times. [More]

Are Your Employees Getting Ready to Bolt?

The latest news reports have given us a glimmer of hope that the economy may finally be recovering. While that's a welcome sign for most organizations, it may not be good news for all. A recent Conference Board survey found that 55% of all employees are unhappy with their jobs—the lowest level researchers have seen in 22 years. [More]

Motivating Your Store's Millennial Employees

When Amanda Ross learned that her boss had hired two recent college grads to fill vacancies in her customer service department she started to worry. Amanda herself had joined the company right out of college. Now 37 years old, Amanda has supervised Customer Service for the past five years and has worked almost exclusively with employees her age or older throughout her career. The prospect of supervising these “20-something” employees fills her with dread. [More]

Careers: Experience key to finding job counselor worth the price

I have been interviewing candidates for a junior position in our small nonprofit. Five of the candidates are in their 20s, and not one of them has sent a proper post-interview thank-you note. Two of them sent me e-mails, two did nothing and one sent me a text message. I am in my early 40s and technically adept, but I don't appreciate thank-you notes that are e-mailed or texted. Am I right, or am I (already) out of touch with the "younger generation"? [More]

Don't Be So Touchy! The Secrets for Giving Feedback to Millennials

Brian Castro’s help desk department serves more than 1,000 computer users at his company’s corporate center. Among the 23 employees in his multi-generational staff are several Millennials (born 1980-1999) who he hired last year, fresh out of college. [More]

The Young and Restless: How retirement plan advisers can better reach a young, transient workforce

The bad news is that younger participants might be hesitant to save for retirement, but the good news is they are interested in receiving information about it. The retirement plan adviser is a key voice in helping the mobile group of employees often called “Millennials” or “Generation Y” to accumulate for the long term, but it might take creative communication strategies, or even plan design changes, to reach them. [More]

The University of Dayton recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed with the publication of her book, Keeping the Millennials.

As president of KeyGroup, a consulting and training company, Jan Ferri-Reed and the company’s CEO noticed their clients complaining about millennials, employees born between 1980 and 1999. In response, the two women wrote their book, which argues that companies should decrease millennial turnover by working with the generation’s demands, which generally, she said, will actually improve companies. [More]

Wanted: Work (Pay Not Required)
By Matt Egan

Faced with the harshest job market in nearly three decades, a growing number of out-of-work Americans are offering their services to companies for the promise of nothing but experience. [More]

On Getting Those Millennials To Blend In Better
Wearing torn jeans to optimize body art viewing and choosing to eat without the aid of a fork and knife is the stereotype many Boomers have of Millennial workers. Unfortunately, there are times when at least a little of that stereotype holds true. For those times when the newest members of the American workforce have trouble adapting, your executives may need a primer. [More]

A Millennial's Guide to Millennial Guides
By Dan Macsai

If you've read any magazines, Web sites, newspapers, or books in the last decade, you probably know who I am. You know I have a three-second attention span, because I was weaned on emails, texts, and instant messages. You know I'm a self-esteem junkie, because I got participation trophies when I played little-league baseball. You know I'm totally narcissistic, because I have a Facebook page, and a Twitter account, and a Last.fm profile. And you know the buzzword that's being tossed around to describe me and the other 92 million 9- to 29-year-olds who are theoretically just like me: Millennials. [More]

When Gen X Runs the Show
By Anne Fisher, TIME Magazine

By 2019, Generation X — that relatively small cohort born from 1965 to 1978 — will have spent nearly two decades bumping up against a gray ceiling of boomers in senior decision-making jobs. But that will end. Janet Reid, managing partner at Global Lead, a consulting firm that advises companies like PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble, says, "In 2019, Gen X will finally be in charge. And they will make some big changes." [More]

Business Books: Generation Y makes waves in workplace

The challenge of managing Generation Y, or the Millennials -- born between 1980 and 1999 -- has spawned a small industry of expertise and literature, including "Keeping the Millennials," new this month, and "Y in the Workplace," due out in July. [More]

Retaining Millennials: A High-Stakes Business Consideration
By Deanna Hartley - Diversity Executive Magazine

There's a good chance Millennials are eating away at a company's profits — not because of their inability to significantly contribute to the bottom line, but because of their tendency to switch jobs and pile up turnover costs more than any other generation in today's workplace. [More]

What you need to know to recruit and retain Generations X and Y
by Elaine Zablocki, Patient Care Staffing Report

We are about to see a more open, responsive healthcare workplace. Flexible hours. Cooperative scheduling. Supervisors who listen to their staff and find creative ways to meet their needs. [More]

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