A new book by
Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
and Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed
Jan Ferri-Reed on WPXI's "Talking Pittsburgh"

Dr. Joanne Sujansky discusses "How the Millennial Generation is Changing the Workplace" on The Here and Now Show.
Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed talks with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation to discuss Keeping the Millennials and the massive demographic shift that is causing big problems for even the most successful companies.
Listen to Joanne speak with Brian Sullivan about Keeping the Millennials!
Joanne speaks to radio host Joe Galuski, WSYR am from Syracuse, New York about Keeping the Millennials
Jan speaks with Paul Miller, radio host from WPHM-AM radio in Detroit, Michigan
Jan talks candidly with Voice America radio host, Kathryn Zox about Millennials in the workplace
Joanne Sujansky talks with Radio Host Joe Elliott about her new book Keeping the Millennials: Why companies are losing billions in turnover to this generation and what to do about it.


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Watch Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed talk to WPXI's "Talking Pittsburgh" about the new book Keeping the Millennials. Click here.

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